What kind of bride you are?

Who says that weddings are all the same is wrong. Choose your style.


You are a ... tradionalist, your wedding will be celebrated in the little church of the town you have been growing in. Your wedding will take place in the restaurant that ensures you an elegant and traditional halo to service and menu. No excesses or eccentricities will be allowed: every detail will be chosen in respect of good rules, bon ton and tradition. The floral decorations will be seasonal flowers in simple bunches and your bouquet will be the most classical of all: a bunch of roses. Your dress will be an opulent but rigorously white dress or better a long gown, maybe a mermaid style creation, that you will complete, of course, with a veil, better if the one your mother wor for her own great day.


You are a romanticism-addict since you were born ... you have been dreaming your great day since you were a child and every time you have been fancing the moment that your eyes will beet your Prince Charming eyes at a footstep from the altar. Your dream will turn into a commoving marriage, every detail will tell about the step-stones of your love story: invitation, tableaux, place cards, the wedding cake ... each single choice will draw inspiration from your passions or from the place you met for the first time. Flowers and candles will play the main role, the scene will enchant everybody for its pastel colors, wisteria and rose will enchant you. Flowers also for your hairstyle, long stemmed callas or blowing peonies for your bouquet, tied up together with colored ribbons. Your dress will be large, vaporous creation in a creme nuance, maybe with a touch of pastels.


You don't like being under the spotlights and you consider your wedding the moment of pure spiritual union and the ceremony will be the most important part of your great day, not only the banquet. You are pleased to share all this with your closet relatives and friends and you wish that your guests will enjoy every moment of the day. You will give your wedding banquet in an ancient farmhouse in a picturesque country place, or a suggestive agritourism following the dictat of a country-chic wedding. A touch of yellow, or orange or green in floral decor, based on simple and natural field flowers. Lavender, dandelions, ears of wheat, daisies or camomille flowers will compose your picturesque bouquet, just tied up with string or a simple ribbon. Your wedding mise will be sober and refined, minimal and simple, with little straps, in a light shining silk and you could eventually chose a short dress!


The day of your wedding every glance must point to you crave to get everyone's attention, you must be the absolute protagonist, nobody else: your moment has come at the end! You would like to exchange your vowes in a Basilica or a Dome; you will step on a long red carpet proud and and bold. You will reach the church on a bolide or on a custom built car. When you will get out of it, everybody will get shocked by your fancy gown drown from Marie Antoinette wardrobe, in a blaze of lace, trims, pearls, shining in a baroque mise, completed by long gloves and a tiara. You will look like a queen, your broom is going to be breathless. A castle or an historical manor will be the place were you will give your banquet, that will result a sort of theatrical tableau vivant, in a baroque and opulent atmosphere. Mirrors, chandeliers, a blaze of pearls and divine centerpieces of orchids to turn the tables in enchanted tableaux.

Rossella e Michele
Rossella e Michele "nel paese delle meraviglie"
wedding on the sea
wedding on the sea
red passion-pink fashion
red passion-pink fashion
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